Lee Wilson – Groove Like Louie Vega (Main Mix)

Lee Wilson – Groove Like Louie Vega (Main Mix)

The Grammy Award winner and 7-time nominee, Louie Vega, is name that inspires, and is also greatly appreciated by music lovers and Deep House Heads across the world. Louie Vega is a legendary House Music whose passion, dedication and musical genius for scintillating sounds can be experienced in the truckloads of records that he is created for over 30 years. 

Everything from house, salsa and afro-beat, to jazz, hip hop, gospel and soul forms part of Louie’s musical arsenal, and his world-class musical abilities allow him to use these different musical influence to paint masterpieces, and create anthems that will be appreciated for many moons to come. 

The EP also features a scintillating rework from the legendary Reelsoul that seals off a timeless Anthem that ensures Louie Vega will forever be cherished and celebrated. 

This tribute record to the American House Music connoisseur, is created by one of the hottest male vocalist in the industry, Lee Wilson, and the super-skilled Yuki ‘Monolog’ Kanesaka. Their tribute to Louie Vega achieves its purpose because as passionate Deep House Heads, we have a deep desire to “Groove Like Louie Vega”!!! 

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