Boiler Room x Ballantine’s Scotch whisky today announce the global True Music Fund which will offer financial investment and one-to-one mentoring for independent programmers, artists and creatives, with the goal to help local music communities thrive. 

Boiler Room x Ballantine's True Music Fund

Are you an artist, promoter or creative looking to make a difference in your local music community via events that celebrate your scene? The True Music Fund is for you. More info here:

Posted by Boiler Room on Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Promising to Take A Stand For True Music, the project is part of Ballantine’s longstanding commitment to push True Music scenes forward and to support artists, fans, crews and communities around the world. From 2nd October, the True Music Fund will call on those spearheading music scenes to submit proposals for local music events that have potential for real community benefit, but that need support to get off the ground. The Fund will back projects run by the local music community, for the local community. 

Successful applicants of the Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Fund will receive financial backing as well as support from Boiler Room’s in-house programming team and industry network. From advice on producing new event formats, recommendations on promoting new club nights, how-to-programme educational workshops and the investment to make it happen, the True Music Fund will support a series of local events to bring True Music communities to the forefront and help them thrive thereafter. 

The first project backed by Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Fund will come to life in Spain in early 2020, following today’s open call-out to local artists, promoters, creatives and other members of music communities across the country. The Fund will later visit South Africa, with more countries to be announced. 

Ballantine’s Head of Music, Tom Elton, said of the project:“This is a major step change in our partnership with Boiler Room. We’ve put on 28 amazing events and given a platform to more than 220 artists from emerging scenes, now is the time for True Music to really step up and give back to the communities we have been visiting over the years. Our aim is to help empower individuals within the community by taking away the financial stresses and allowing them to focus on making their music projects a reality, which we hope in turn will inspire others to pick up the baton, promoting a cycle of reinvestment for the long-term.” 

Boiler Room Founder and CEO, Blaise Belville, added:  

“The Fund that we’ve set up with Ballantine’s aims to kickstart local event ideas as well as sustain existing ones. This Fund is the first of its kind for Boiler Room and Ballantine’s and we’re making it an open call on our channels, one country at a time. So, if you’re based in that country the door is open for you to apply. 

The True Music Fund isn’t here to takeover individual projects; whoever we end up backing will still be at the helm – we want you to do it your way with some support from us. This is an exciting initiative for us which we hope will further the music and culture that this series champions.” 

The announcement of the True Music Fund comes as Boiler Room x Ballantine’s have spent the past year collaborating with independent promoters around the world to support inspiring projects that help local scenes thrive. Earlier this year, the partnership supported Chica Gang’s CHICA party series in Madrid and more recently, has worked with local promoter Paulina Żaczek in Poland on a unique open-air music event series ‘ZABAWA’, aimed at encouraging new audiences into Krakow’s electronic scene through the new day-party format. Paulina’s debut of ZABAWA showcased eight local artists, attracted more than 700 local creatives and was featured on local television and radio stations. 

Local promoter, Paulina Żaczek, said of her project: “My new event series ZABAWA has been a huge turning point for me and the local music scene here in Krakow. The event has encouraged our community to experiment with new ideas, allowing the club scene to come together and experience a new and unique clubbing style. I am grateful to have had this opportunity and I feel far more invigorated to turn ideas into reality, as ZABAWA has been proof that all of us can do our bit to help push our music scene forward. I hope I can spread this feeling around! It was hard work to make everything happen, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of Ballantine’s and Boiler Room, alongside my producer, Kachna Baraniewicz, of course. I feel proud that we’ve made such an impact already and look forward to planning the next phase of ZABAWA.”  

Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music will follow the journey of all the Fund recipients, sharing their stories and shining a global spotlight on the flourishing music scenes through a unique content series. 

For more information, including how to apply for the Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Fund, visit 

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