Ralf Gum feat Paul Randolph- We Repeat (Ralf Gum Main Mix)

Ralf Gum feat Paul Randolph- We Repeat (Ralf Gum Main Mix)

|| Title: Ralf Gum feat Paul Randolph- We Repeat (Ralf Gum Main Mix)

|| Vocals: Paul Randolph

|| Producer: Ralf Gum

|| Released: 2017-09-08

|| Label: GOGO Music 

A scintillating soulful masterpiece that sinks us deeply into the superb sounds recorded by a team of classy musicians and artists from around the world.

The legendary House Music connoisseur, Rail Gum, who was born and raised in German, began his professional music career in 1991. His passion and love for the Deep, Soulful, Afro and Jazzy sounds has seen him travel the world and live in the USA and South Africa so he can share in his love for music with fans and fellow artists.

The legendary Ralf Gum consults with another legendary music connoisseur in Paul Randolph, and the pair collaborate and create a sensational masterpiece that seeks to educate and inspire. Paul Randolp has worked with many artists across different genres to create timeless music that resonates soulfully with any music lovers and Deep House Heads across the world.

The legendary American singer and songwriter delivers a powerful message that encourages us to reflect into our history as individuals and people, and realize that we keep repeating the same painful mistakes. We Repeat gives us an opportunity to discuss how we can learn from the past so we can create a better and brighter future for all.

The inspirational soul sounds by Paul Randolph are complimented with a magical amalgamation of incredible instrumentation and excellent musical engineering. We Repeat is superbly orchestrated with melodic strings performed by Susan Mouton and Evert van Niekerk , both from the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Ralf Gum also invites the legendary American music connoisseur, Kafele Bandele, to jazz this up by adding the soul-soothing sounds of his trumpet.

Show We Repeat true support and appreciate the musical sounds performed by these super talented musicians featured on this unique GOGO Music project


Posted on : 2017-09-01

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