Deep In The Bottom interview with Monique Bingham (Part 1)

Deep In The Bottom interview with Monique Bingham (Part 1)

Deep House News had the privilege of interviewing the Queen of House music, Monique Bingham, about her upcoming music video, Deep In The Bottom (Of Africa), her incredible career that spans over 20 years and her collaboration with Black Coffee.

DHN: What does Deep In The Bottom (Of Africa) mean and symbolize?

Monique Bingham: The obvious metaphor of SAs geography as well as being the largest consumers of Deep House in the world, the racial politics and history of the country, the deep personal experiences I have had over the last 4 years of traveling here regularly, the work of Frank Wilderson, and an endless number of things.

DHN: What do you think about Black Coffee and his music career?

Monique Bingham: He has become the global ambassador for South African House and I think his rise is symbolic of SAs rise in the recent global consciousness. SAs rise in global pop culture will lead to more attention on whats really happening here and I think all of that is good. He is a real organic superstar rose straight up from the ground organically and his shoot for the moon attitude is infectious. He is always thinking. I was extremely lucky to snag him right in the midst of his own huge album project. He set aside time to record Deep in the Bottom of Africa for my album, Best of the Last.

DHN: What qualities and expertise did Black Coffee to this track?

Monique Bingham: The rhythm, he is just coming from another place. We truly collaborated on this one. I played bass and we sent it back n forth for a while but he honed it. It was made 30,000 feet off the surface of the earth. He works on the road.

DHN: Where would you rank this collaboration with Black Coffee in terms of the artists that you have worked with?

Monique Bingham: Rank it? That feels like a weird term to use for me. It was certainly something I have wanted to happen for a while and something I know I will be incredibly proud to have on my resume. He is the king of SA House.

DHN: What is your favourite Black Coffee Track?

Stimela and Superman but We Dance Again has a signature sound, its a defining tune for him. It sounds smarter every time you hear it.

Posted on : 2015-11-20

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