Deep House News - Lars Behrenroth- Madness Last Night
Lars Behrenroth- Madness Last Night

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|| Title: Lars Behrenroth- Madness Last Night

|| Vocals:

|| Producer: Lars Behrenroth

|| Released: 2014-03-07

|| Label: Deeper Shades Recordings

Lars Behrenroth drives us deeper into the soul-thumping grooves that reminisces about the Madness Last Night on the Deep House dancefloors...

The King of Deeper Shades of House music submits an incredible masterpiece inked with his signature productions and musical engineering. The soul-thumping bassline transcends us on a galactic ride through the magical keys and scintillating chords plugged in by Lars Behrenroth, and the soulful connoisseur of House music lays down one of the hottest Deep House records for 2014.

This timeless Deeper Shades masterpiece deserves its rightful place in any deep-thumping playlist or set. Show it true support!!!

Posted on : 2014-07-12