Deep House News - Mr. V - Just Dance (Reelsoul Supermarket Remix)
Mr. V - Just Dance (Reelsoul Supermarket Remix)

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|| Title: Mr. V - Just Dance (Reelsoul Supermarket Remix)

|| Vocals: Mr. V

|| Producer: Mr. V

|| Released: 2014-04-05

|| Label: Muzik 4 Tomorrow

Remixer: Reelsoul

House music has been around for just over 30 years and when we think of the timeless masterpieces that have released since the inception of 4/4 beat, we can only be proud and honoured to call ourselves House Heads!!!

Mr. V celebrates the 10 year Anniversary of his world-renowned masterpiece, Just Dance, and this timeless record encourages us to get lost in the music and dance until we experience a musical Utopia. Just Dance, is a Deep House Anthem that holds a special place in our hearts and this Anthem is one of many House tracks that encourages uniting and dancing together as one world.

The 10 Anniversary Remixes includes a host of world-class Deep House professors and legends and the America's connoisseur of Soulful House music, Reelsoul, stars with a scintillating Supermarket Remix that receives our vote as the hottest rework on this special record released by Music 4 Tomorrow.

Posted on : 2014-04-05