Deep House News - Lilac Jeans - Now or Never
Lilac Jeans - Now or Never

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|| Title: Lilac Jeans - Now or Never

|| Vocals:

|| Producer: Lilac Jeans

|| Released: 2014-01-02

|| Label: Lilac Jeans Music

The Orlando born childhood friends and brothers through House music, Menu and Floyd are amongst the hottest producers in the South African Deep House industry. Their blissful craftsmanship of soul-thumping instrumentation and musical sounds shows why they are amongst the futures connoisseurs of House music.

The musical journey between Menu and Floyd kicked off in 2009, and their 5 year tenure in the industry has earned them sustainable appreciation and recognition for their musical talents. Support from some of the biggest radio stations in South Africa, and appreciation from Deep House connoisseurs and legendary record labels around the world, are some of milestones that Lilac Jeans have achieved.

The world-class Deep House studio-brothers from Soweto transcend us on beautiful musical journey through the sublime soul-thumping 4/4 basslines and sounds, and Now or Never, is an inspirational declaration by Lilac Jeans about their world-class musical abilities. These superbly skilled House music prodigies share a timeless debut studio album that deserves our true support and appreciation.

Posted on : 2014-02-02