Deep House News - Trackheadz- This Is How We Chill (Main Mix)
Trackheadz- This Is How We Chill (Main Mix)

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|| Title: Trackheadz- This Is How We Chill (Main Mix)

|| Vocals:

|| Producer: Trackheadz

|| Released: 2014-08-22

|| Label: DNH Records

A scintillating masterpiece crafted by two legendary House Heads, who are blessed with world-class musical abilities. Nick Holder, Martino Lozej and Tyrone Solomon are skilled musical connoisseurs who know how to create sensational soul-thumping beats which give us eargasms.

This Is How We Chill, is excellently engineered with sublime soul basslines, soul-transcending keys and chords, and magical jazzy bumps. This timeless masterpiece transcends us to a musical Utopia of tranquillity and bliss; and this sublime soundtrack should definitely feature when we are relaxing and hanging with good people.

Show it true support because this timeless DNH EP proudly belongs in our music collections!!!

Posted on : 2014-08-20