Deep House News - Brewed Soul- Undenzeni Na
Brewed Soul- Undenzeni Na

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|| Title: Brewed Soul- Undenzeni Na

|| Vocals: Russell

|| Producer: Brewed Soul

|| Released: 2017-07-07

|| Label: Tribe Records

This soulful masterpiece is superbly jazzed with soul-transcending keys, slick chords and scales and sublime percussions..

Undenzeni Na, is crafted by the world-class duo, Brewed Soul, and these sensational South African musicians, producers and DJs ink in an sublime track that transcends us onto a musical Cloud IX. This soulful masterpiece features powerful vocals and lyrics that seal off a 2017 timeless Soulful House Anthem..

A timeless record that deserves our true support and musical appreciation.

Posted on : 2017-07-02