Deep House News - Nuno Estevez- Close To Me
Nuno Estevez- Close To Me

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|| Title: Nuno Estevez- Close To Me

|| Vocals:

|| Producer: Nuno Estevez

|| Released: 2014-02-07

|| Label: 2014/02/06

South Africa is the soulful home of House music in the world, and when artists such as Nuno Estevez release studio albums of this caliber, then its safe to say that South Africa will continue to be the beacon of House music in the world...

Nuno Estevez is a skilled and talented Deep House studio-engineer who resides in Johannesburg, and this proud Deep House Head has been spinning and producing since the age of 15. Nuno has invested blood, sweat and tears into his music and together with his music partner Miguel Pone, Just Move Records has become one of the biggest Deep House record labels in Johannesburg. The music released by the label has also received plenty of support and appreciation internationally.

Close To Me, is Nunos first studio album and this timeless album sinks us deeply into a musical journey of deep-thumping rhythms and percussions and soul-sinking basslines. Masterpieces such as Music Was The Answer; Emotions; Music From God; and Bring Me Forth are some the musical reasons why we should show this album our true support.

Posted on : 2014-02-07