Deep House News - Terrence Parker- Clouds Over Jakarta (Original Mix)
Terrence Parker- Clouds Over Jakarta (Original Mix)

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|| Title: Terrence Parker- Clouds Over Jakarta (Original Mix)

|| Vocals:

|| Producer: Terrence Parker

|| Released: 2016-08-08

|| Label: Good For You Records

Deep House music has an incredible ability of transcending you the listener onto a musical Cloud IX, which will bring you joy and peace. Cloud Over Jakarta produced by the House Music Connoisseur, Terrence Parker, allows you to transcend swiftly into a musical Cloud IX jazzed with soul-scintillating keys and chords, and deep thumping grooves and baselines.

The legendary DJ and producer from Detroit in the United States of America, has a wealth of musical experience, which has been accumulated over 34 years. Terrence Parker has traveled the world and shared his love for Deep House music with millions of Deep House Heads and music lovers around the globe. He has played in 36 countries and released countless music that will make you dance to and rejoice in his timeless musical abilities and talents.

The Detroit House Music connoisseur has sacrificed blood, sweat and tears to earn his rightful respect and recognition in the House Music industry hence this timeless Deep House record deserves a special place in your collection of Deep House gems.

Posted on : 2016-08-12