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EEL - Educate Empower Learn:

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FREE Dj/producer workshop with headliners Ryan Murgatroyd and Jullian Gomes preceding the main event.

EEL was created out of the ideology for free and fair education. The program focuses on the facilitation of two people communicating in order to further the propagation of knowledge. It seeks to create apprenticeship opportunities.

A cornerstone of what we believe in is Hands On CSI or HOCSI (coined it!). This encourages companies to get directly involved in their CSI projects. We would like to show corporates how apprenticeships not only benefit the community, but their organisations, their employees and well, everyone involved.

This mission is achieved by encouraging media corporates and their employees to participate in giving open media classes. The employee would come in for a few hours every few months and give a class on whatever subject we will be covering at that time.

In subscribing to this strategy, organizations will be directly involved in the development of their industry and other industries; and knowledge sharing with and upskilling aspiring communities and individuals.

Workshop Details:

Time: 16:00 - 18:00.

Registration: Book your seat at


Posted on : 2016-05-26