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GO!!! The Gauteng Township Experience

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South Africa has established itself as the Mecca of House music in the world. The country is the biggest consumer of House music in the world, and the beautiful sounds of House music can be regularly heard as you walk down the streets, enter a mall, restaurant or club or visit corporate offices.

The magical sounds of the 4/4 beat can be most appreciated when we head to the townships of South Africa. We can always be certain that we will find someone blasting House music in the townships, and the love that SA townships have for this beautiful genre of music, can not be matched anywhere else in the world. House music is part of the township lifestyle hence international House music connoisseurs like Louie Vega, Atjazz, MdCL, Rocco, Charles Webster, Reel People, Tony Momrelle, Kafele Bandele, Alton Miller, Steve Paradise, QB Smith, Andy Compton, Ralf Gum have all had DJ sets in the townships.

GOGO Music and Gauteng Tourism have partnered together to showcase the incredible experience that we can have when we visit any Gauteng Townships. The GO Gauteng Township Experience gives GOGO Music artists and DJs an opportunity to blesses patrons of popular township establishments with House music that soothes their musical desires and transcends them to a musical Cloud IX.

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Posted on : 2016-04-07