Deep House News - The Company - Superstar (Reel People Remix)
The Company - Superstar (Reel People Remix)

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|| Title: The Company - Superstar (Reel People Remix)

|| Vocals: The Company

|| Producer: Reel People

|| Released: 2014-06-23

|| Label: Reel People Music

Trouble seems to pass away when you are on my mind. Its the way that you touch my heart, that shines from inside...(Lyrics from Superstar)

A soulful gem inked with magical soul sounds that any music lover will appreciate when they the exquisite sounds plugged in by The Company, Mark Di Meo and Real People.

Reel Peope Music introduce Deep House Heads to the incredible musical abilities of The Company, and the UK band deliver a timeless performance perfected with celestial soul echoes, blissful scales and chords, glorious keys and soul-rocking percussions.

The Real People Remix is one of the hottest tracks released in 2014.

Posted on : 2014-06-23