Deep House News - Soundcloud Goes With a New Subscription Service.
Soundcloud Goes With a New Subscription Service.

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Soundcloud, the online music streaming service and platform company, is executing a subscription service for its business model. Soundcloud has been well received worldwide and with 175 million people using Soundcloud to access music instantly. The popularity of the music services have grown tremendously over last few years due to efficient seamless distribution of music and sound from, the owners of the audio property, to the users, fans and music lovers.

Artists can quickly interact with fans by simply making a new music post, and receiving instant feedback about the song. The Berlin based music service have created a unique platform that allows us to listen to, enjoy and experience music. Soundcloud is the third popular music app on IOS and fourth on Android and the smooth Soundcloud user experience appeals to the music industry hence most music artists, musicians, DJs, record labels, radio stations and corporates have Soundcloud accounts.

The $10 monthly subscription fee for Soundcloud Go is an avenue that will define whether the online music company will sink or swim. Music competitors, Spotify, on an declining cylce in terms of their growth, market position and sales, and the bargaining powers of artists and labels; the losses suffered from piracy; and innovative competitors like Apple and Google, make the music streaming and music sales one of the most robust industries to operate within. The subscription service fees will generate additional cash flow that Soundcloud can use to upgrade and redesign its online experience and platforms to enhance the listening experience.

Only time will tell if this change in the Soundcloud operating business model will improve its market position and help the online music company to reach new frontiers.

Posted on : 2016-04-01