Deep House News - Louie Vega #STARRINGXXVII

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|| Title: Louie Vega #STARRINGXXVII

|| Vocals:

|| Producer: Louie Vega

|| Released: 2016-02-26

|| Label: Vega Records/House Afrika

The legendary House music connoisseur, Louie Vega, delivers a timeless Deep Soulful House album filled with 28 masterpieces that are excellently engineered with sublime soulful instrumentation and magical studio production.

The legendary Louie Vega works 28 world-class artists which includes music connoisseurs like 3 Winans Brothers, Monique Bingham, Caron Wheeler, NDea Davenport, Tony Momrelle, Anane Vega, Vikter Duplaix, Leroy Burgess, Jocelyn Brown, Kenny Bobien, Josh Milan, Lisa Fischer, Adeva, Diviniti and Bryon Stingily. Each of these 28 world-class artists work the legendary mastero to deliver 28 timeless masterpieces that define the different ranges of musical sounds that Louie Vega can create.

Its almost impossible to pick out one track on #STARRINGXXVIII album that is our favourite because we love all records selected on Louie Vega debut album as a solo artist.

The Louie Vega #STARRINGXXVIII album is arguably one of the hottest albums for 2016 and certainly deserves our true support and musical appreciation. The album is available on Google Play Music, Apple Music, Deezer (Vodafone clients in SA), and all leading music retailers like Musica in SA

Posted on : 2016-02-28